Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Recently, viewers of this blog have been actually sending me email asking questions. Basically, they are the same questions worded different ways, so I figured I would throw it out there. Please feel free ask other questions (you can email me at: "blog at"), I like the feedback (and knowing there are human beings out there and not google spider-bots hitting the site).

1. Why do you write a blog?

I took journalism classes in high school and college and always liked to write. My career is technology based and doesn't have a stomach for long form writing (everything is bullet points and executive summaries) - since I felt that part of my brain dying I opted to open a blog and began vomiting words on the internet. I started the blog when I had my business, Computer Joey. I thought I could write up things that were interesting to me technologically and drum up business for the store. Unfortunately (for the blog and everyone around me), I found myself not very excited about anything technology related due the number of hours I was working. So while I sat in the store waiting for customers to come in, I would write about anything except technology and computers. I didn't have any expectations that someone would actually read it and for the most part, nobody did.

I didn't post often and eventually a technological glitch made the original blog inaccessible, so I decided to start a new blog with a new tone. Eventually I made a commitment to myself to post every week to see if I can keep the schedule. Getting back to the original question, I like to write the blog because I can map a personal time-line of my thoughts and feelings realizing that the payoff on this project is long term. I write very much for me, with the hope that others can enjoy or learn from what is on my mind. At this point, I have lofty ideas that this blog will be around for decades to come and the children I will one day have can have an insight into who I was without them (and while they were young) without any bullshit parental pre-text.

2. You are really harsh on organized religion, what's your problem (jerk)?

My favorite subject in school was always history. Historically, where there is organized religion, there are problems. I have two branching thoughts about religion:

a. On the concept of religion itself: I view any form of religion as a moral framework with a basic survival methods mixed in. Religion came out of necessity - human beings were nomads, and there was no law except kill or be killed. Early humans realized there had to be consequences to actions, and without actual law enforcement, they came up with idea of the damnation of the eternal soul. It worked out very well but as humanity progressed, the basic message of religion (which I will always maintain is "Don't be an jerk") became "my way or the highway". I struggle with people who treat the bible as accurate historical documents instead of a book explaining morality through simple stories.

b. On the execution of religion: I view anyone who makes a living off of the faith of others as completely suspect. I don't think wealth and religion should have a symbiotic relationship. I am perplexed by groups that don't practice their own rule of "turn the other cheek". I can't get my head around extremists of any faith who are willing to take life that they claim is so precious to make their point and advance their agenda. I am glad anyone in this country has the freedom to believe what they want and organize around that idea, but they should respect that right in others (translation: you do your thing, and I do my thing, and let's not talk about it to each other). I can't get behind organizations that treat women as second class, fight to have children be taught fairy-tales as facts, promote intolerance towards homosexuals, and encourage dangerous and unrealistic sexual practices.

I think we have one shot at this world and then we are done, so I am not going to accept the idea that something better is waiting for me. If this is all we get, I am going to make the best of it.

3. Why don't you talk about your job?

When you go out to dinner with friends, don't you hate it when they talk about work? Me too. So I don't talk about my job here.

4. Why are you a Democrat? Don't you know that [insert most hated Democrat here] ruined this country?

Who said I was a Democrat? My vote is always up for grabs based on who is the best choice. In the 2000 election I very much liked McCain but felt he sold out in 2008 (don't get me started on Sarah Palin). Typically, my social political view is very left and my economic views are conservative. Take that for what you will.

5. Why do you make up fakes names for all of your friends except for [named removed] Republicaster?

UPDATE: Originally, we had a running joke that I used Republicaster's real name and pictures in the stories. After a few incidents, I finally broke down and a 5 year running joke has come to an end because of idiots and HR departments.

6. How much do you exaggerate in your stories?

Not as much as you might think.

7. Is your father really that silent/why do you write about your dad?

My father is a pretty quiet guy, he isn't mute, but I think he wishes he could be (if the world allowed him to). I write about him because I have never met a personality type like his in all of my travels (his brothers are similar, but not the same). He is a truly unique person. The older I get, the more I understand him, so part of the exercise is to see if my take on something I wrote about him changes or adds more layers as life happens to me. Remember, many of the stories are written in stylized prose and are very much intended to be read with humor (my sister certainly laughs).

8. Why is the blog called "Ordered Chaos"?

I don't think there is such a thing as random Chaos. There is a pattern and cause for everything. We chose to ignore that information because it is easier than facing our base desires, which feed our motivations. We blind ourselves to our motivations and call it Chaos; but I don't believe in the self-imposed blind spot that we all pretend to have.

That's all bullshit - I just thought it sounded cool :-)

9. Is the "Mongolian" real/Is he the same person in every story?

Yes, he is real and the name is not re-used for other people, he is the same person in every story.


That's all for now. This particular article is intended to be a "living document" and will be opened up and changed as more questions are asked of me.

Thanks for reading!