Monday, May 02, 2011

DME: Upscale Beer Pong

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Image Credit: Joseph Mollo

Drinking Made Easy posted my article about a $750 beer pong table.
Check it out: Upscale Beer Poing

Update: The DME link is down, so here is the full story...

Beer-pong gets a bad wrap. Often associated culturally-devoid fraternity “bros”, many of my peers scoff when I suggest playing a round. Playing beer pong doesn’t have to be relegated to shamed exile in a dank basement, especially if you have one of these. A talented young man named Joseph Mollo created an extraordinary beer pong table that is not only classy, but offers new innovations to the game.

Drinking Made Easy had a chance to speak with the Mollo about his creation. The 21-year-old has a family background in woodworking that gave him access to tools and materials. He put those skills to good use with this recent creation: “I was inspired to build a table that would not only be an exceptional playing surface, but hold its own as a furniture piece when not in use. Its a conversation piece that draws attention for anyone whether or not they have had any beer pong experience.“

The table is comprised of quality wood and incorporates attractive lights into the design. Joe says it takes him 7-10 days to create a table from start to finish. This quality work comes with a hefty price tag - $750.00 (USD) plus shipping. Joe says “the cost is based on quality materials, time, and craft.”

Thanks to Mollo’s unique design, the table creates new game-play elements. Joe says “the table’s design introduces a new shot to beer pong called the skeet shot shown in the video I provided. The ball is thrown into the curve and launches off the opposing side into the cup for 2 cups. Swatting is encouraged (for all the traditionalists looking for a new).”

While the table may be expensive, the craft and creativity of the creator cannot be denied. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that any social drinker would be proud to feature in their home. Creators like Joe are will beer pong out of the frat houses and basements and into the parlors and game rooms of the masses. If anyone else has a customized table, let us know in the comments section, we would love to hear about your designs.