Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Leftovers: Volume 01: Issue 29

Howdy true be-loggers, welcome to Sunday Leftovers. This week we will discuss garage sales, concert etiquette, slapping someone with your penis, and much more. Let's begin!

[Garage Sale]

This weekend my neighborhood held a community wide garage sale. Thinking back, I can't honestly say that I have ever gone to a garage sale before; the idea of someone coming to my house to buy my stuff is not a huge turn on. But the neighborhood loves this annual event, and I am on the board (and have been putting ads on craigslist every day for the last two weeks), so I said "what the hell, I'll do it."

Since we haven't lived in our house too long and don't have kids, our house isn't really filled with too much shit. I don't buy physical music anymore (Amazon and other download sites), I don't buy books anymore (I go to the library), and I don't buy DVDs (Netflix) - but I left a ton of stuff at my parent's house when I moved, so I went over there last weekend looking to cash in on my youth. I took boxes of movies and books home and left it in my garage.

Yesterday morning, I got up at 6 AM, set up tables, and placed all of the stuff I got from my parents (and a few things we deemed we didn't need here) and proceeded to set up shop. The yard sale was slated to start at 8 AM, people started showing up at 7. For the next 7 hours, I stayed outside trying to convince complete strangers (and I will classify them as a unique subset of humanity - more on that) to buy my old junk.

I am sure funnier people than me have made this observation before, but there is a certain breed of people that come to yard sales. Yes, there people who happen upon a yard sale and look around, I am not talking about those people; I am talking about "professional yard-salers". They come very early or very late. They will try to negotiate with you even if you are selling something for a penny. They wear fanny packs and are usually on the older side. My neighbor Tom warned me about them, so I mentally prepared myself.

By 10 AM I knew I was going to end up with boxes of shit that I was going to have to take to Good Will (Allison and I agreed that nothing was coming back in), so I was ready to start giving things away for practically nothing. A woman purchased some of the Twilight series from my neighbor but didn't have the first book, I did (here are my thoughts on Twilight - halfway down the article), and told her to come over. I could tell she was a pro and she started to tell me since it wasn't a hardcover, she would pay no more that $1.00. She kept telling me it was over priced after I told her a few times to name her price (I knew she was going to offer a buck and I was ready to take it). She kept yammering about something and finally said, "I wouldn't pay more than a dollar for this book". I proceeded to reply "then I guess you aren't getting the book - have a nice day lady". I'd rather be out a dollar than to encourage people being a little rude to me on my own property.

By 11:30, we dried up on the customer front, but Allison wanted to hang until the end. For the next 90 minutes we didn't have a soul come by. At 1 PM, I packed everything up and dropped it off at the Good Will in Glassboro. I would much rather let them profit on that stuff. All told, we made about $40.00 for 7 hours of work. Next time, I think I will just donate to Good Will ahead of time and sell food like my immediate neighbor did (sorry Noel, I am stealing your idea next year).

If you decide that this sounds like a good time, check out these tips on how to have a better yard sale: Tinput's Guide to Garage Sales

[Recipe of the Week: The Old Fashioned]

Esquire did a great little write up on how to make an old fashioned. I will write the instructions down, but I suggest you read it there because it may have been a short little note, but it was well done.

Read it here:Esquire: Old Fashioned


Place 1/2 tsp of loose sugar in the bottom of an Old-Fashioned glass.
Add two or three healthy dashes of Angostura bitters and a tsp of water.
Muddle until the sugar is dissolved.
Add three ice cubes to the glass.
Add 2 oz straight rye or bourbon whiskey.
Stir again.
Twist a thin-cut swatch of lemon or orange peel over the top.
Add a stirring implement.
Let sit for one minute.

[DIY of the Week: $14 Camera Stabilizer]

If you have watched any of my youtube videos, you know I don't take the best videos, but I think this could help:

From Make:
DIY Video Camera Stabilizer

Not too hard, but not the easiest project either. I will probably do this one in a few weeks, so keep this in mind when I present next week's DIY

[Reblog: Avett Brother's Concert Review]

I just finished this earlier this morning, but I will post here for future reference:
Avett Brothers @ the Trocadero

Bottom line: Concert goers are rude and have no common sense.

[Reblog Topic: The Lombardi Slap]

Earlier this week I posted a note about a term called "The Lombardi Slap". You can read about it here. Since then, I have been doing some digging and I think the term might find it's origins from the Jackass crew. If you look at the video I posted in the link, Steve-O mentions it was a "trick" (I use the term very lightly) they he and Knoxville had come up with a few years earlier. Knowing the Bam lives somewhat close to my area, there may have been a Lombardi that was associated with these maniacs and the term might have come from that association.

I am getting mildly obsessed with this only because how the hell did my last name get associated with a well established "act"? Why would some other dude choose to use another's last name to perform this act? Why wouldn't you call it a Johnson Slap or a Goldberg Slap? Someone has got to get back to me on this.

More to come I am sure..

[Random Video of the Week]

I thought this was really cool and wanted to share:


That's all I have for this week, I got a little burnt up yesterday, so I plan on avoiding the sunshine today, watching a few movies and make a pork roast a little later. Hope everyone had a great weekend and as always, don't take shit from anybody. If you aren't reading this blog from it's original destination you are not really reading it.

Smell You Later,
~ Joey