Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Monster Squad on DVD (7/24/07)

I can't actually remember watching many movies when I was little, I can actually only recall two time. The first memory is of my dad taking me and my teenage cousins to see Ghostbusters when I was 4 (we walked in when the ghost librarian freaks out - and it totally scared the shit out of me), but the movie I remember loving most was Monster Squad. I must have seen it 4 times in the theaters and 20 on VHS. I had the movie memorized line for line. There was something about the movie, it was for kids, but it didn't pander, it was crass, and funny, and scary all wrapped into one. Some people had Star Wars, some people loved E.T. or Indiana Jones, for me it was all about the classic Universal Monsters and my boys Shane and Rudy.

For years I have waited for an official DVD to be released (I even bought the bootleg Laserdisk port), and finally it is coming out on 7/24. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a unique movie and remember "Wolfmans got Nards".

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